8th Month - Sha’ban – The Neglected Month

The Neglected Month

What is Sha’ban ?

Sha’ban is a precious month for several reasons, namely because it is the month of the Prophet (SAW):

 ‘Rajab is the month of Allah, Sha’ban is my month and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah’. [Suyuti].*

*Please note that there is a difference of opinion regarding the authenticity of this particular narration. 

The Prophet (SAW) used to spend much of it fasting, and it is the month in which Allah (SWT) raises the deeds of his servants. The Prophet (SAW) indicated that he liked for his deeds to be liften up when he was fasting.

Another benefit of worship and fasting in Shaban is that it an opportunity to train oneself in preparation for Ramadan.

  1. Muharram – The Month of Allah
  2. Safar – The Month of Distinction
  3. Rabi Al-Awwal – The Birth of the Beloved
  4. Rabi Al-Thani
  5. Jamada Al-Awwal
  6. Jamada Al-Thani
  7. RajabA Sacred Month
  8. Sha’banThe Neglected Month
  9. Ramadan – The Month of Fasting
  10. Shawwal – The Month of Reward
  11. Dhul Qadah – A Sacred Month
  12. Dhul Hijjah – The 10 Best Days (The Month of Hajj)
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