And lastly, with the arrival of our Lord and Master, the Seal of Prophets, Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him), the chapter of prophethood was also closed, and while preaching the religion, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) told the people of the Oneness of Allah. He was called to the side and after the apparent life of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), the Caliphs, the Companions of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) continued this process in a very good manner.
And after them, Allah Almighty gave this responsibility to the saints and scholars of truth to guide His creation and the chain continues till today and in this connection a great spiritual figure who is known by the people as Hazrat Dewan Huzuri. Your real name is Muhammad Abdullah.
He was born on the 29th of Shaban al-Muzam 974 AH in the village of Takht Padi, a suburb of Rawat, Rawalpindi, in the house of Sheikh Nihaluddin, a dervish person, and he received his early education in the embrace of his great mother, Sahiba.
Because your father belonged to a scholarly and religious family and at a very young age he recited the Holy Quran. Hadith Tajweed, only, syntax, logic, and other matters of religion gained a distinguished status.
The choice and destination of Muhammad Abdullah was different, about which Ghous-ul-Azam Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (RA) had written a will during his lifetime that a person named Abdullah would come from Punjab and sweep my shrine for 12 years. And when he leaves here, you people should give him 12 blessings and 12 speeches given by me.

And in order to comply with this order, on a beautiful and sunny morning, he made a journey to seek permission from his parents to go to Karimin Baghdad Sharif.
Before starting the journey, the mother gave some advice, the biggest advice was to always speak the truth in life and always support the truth and truth.
Meanwhile, a convoy was going towards Baghdad Sharif. You will join this convoy. Difficulties on the way and after several days of continuous travel finally came the time for the window of fate to open when you were in Baghdad with a strange situation. Entering and then the emperor found the abode of Wilayat in front of his eyes, his heart would beat faster and faster, and Chashmaflak also saw the vision that a devotee, after covering a distance of thousands of miles, learned Sufism, Tariqat, Sharia and The uncrowned king of the world of spirituality, whose spiritual possession has taken the whole world in his embrace, is now formally starting a new spiritual journey of life.

And he stayed in Bargah Ghousheit for twelve years and obtained the blessing of Hajj Baytullah twelve times from there and also attended Bargah Nabawi twelve times.

Durwan Qiyam, where he performed other affairs at Astana Alia Ghous-ul-Azam, at the same time he also got more education in Quran and Hadith and after completing twelve years, Sarkar Ghous-ul-Azam, may God bless him and grant him a meeting in a dream while holding his hand. And he said, O Muhammad Abdullah, I have taken your inner pledge, but the outward pledge to the world of Sufism will be read by going to Hazrat Shah Muhammad Bandgi Bukhari Dehlavi, and there my trusts, which have been written in your destiny, will be received by them. to do
Sarkar Ghus-ul-Azam, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, hugged Muhammad Abdullah Shah on his chest and gave permission while transferring the spirituality.

The details of the blessings and addresses are as follows.

Blessings: Qur’an, bowl, helmet, toothbrush, comb, cane, dastar, handkerchief, jabba, musli and two spoons.

Addresses: Haji al-Haramain al-Sharifin, Sultan al-Mohadin, Burhan al-Ashqeen, Hujta al-Mishaikheen, Ghous al-Magheethin, Qutb al-Aqalim, Imam al-Sajiya, Mahdi al-Awaliya, Mufti al-Faqara, Muqtada al-Badala, Hadi al-Muhtharin and
Dewan Huzuri
These blessings are still present in Darbar Alia, which is visited every year on 20 Shawwal-ul-Mukarram and other different dates to the parents of the province.

These twelve addresses are engraved on the tombstone of your blessed grave and in it is the last address of Diwan Huzuri, which became famous because of you and the world knows you by the name of Diwan Huzuri.

And then he planned to travel from Baghdad Sharif to Delhi and bid farewell to the city of Ghoshit, and after a continuous journey of several days he entered the city of Sheikh Tariqat in Delhi, when Hazrat Sheikh Muhammad Bandgi Bukhari Dehlavi left his lessons and He came out of the city with all his students and teachers, because they did not come by themselves, but they were sent to him by such a person whose guardianship is still subjugating the world and whom the world today is Sheikh Pir Syed Abdul Qadir. She is known by the name of Jilani.
So after the reception he was brought to his Jamia and he stayed there for a few days.
History tells us that this village was the center of disbelief and polytheism and there were all kinds of rituals that were practiced in Arab society before the time of ignorance and Islam, and you started preaching Islam here and teaching people the Quran. Attracted to Hadith.

Hazrat Abdullah’s preaching and conversation had the effect that people repented on his righteous hand and started becoming Muslims by giving a place to the golden principles of Islam in their hearts.
There is no doubt that during this time you had to face many hardships, but you kept the knowledge of calling and preaching Islam.

And with the passage of time, the name of the village also came to be known as Bashndur, a Hindu name from Qasbata-ul-Nakhil, and the followers and seekers of the right path took the word Sharif with it completely, and people called it Bashndur for a long time. Known as Sharif
In this regard, when King Shahjahan was on his campaign to Kandahar, he ordered his daughter Jahanara Begum and Prince Darashkoh in 1049 AH to meet with two religious leaders of Punjab, one of them being Syed Kabir. Uddin Shahdola Daryai Gujarati and the other Muhammad Abdullah Shah Dewan Huzuri Bishanduri.
This incident where Araya Begum narrates in detail in her Risala Sahibiya and writes that I appeared before Syed Kabiruddin Shahdullah Darai Gujrati and he gave me some scholarships and then I appeared before Dewan Huzuri and saw that you He had made the Qur’an and Hadith sermons and advice the motto of his life and in his spare time he used to make and sell muslas for halal zurq and he showed great compassion to me and my brother Dara Shikwa and granted other scholarships and with Two millet loaves were also given.
She used to write that I had eaten a piece of bread and I kept the rest of the bread for two days and later distributed it among my courtiers.
According to a Sadri tradition, Darashkoh had also built a beautiful mosque and Qutub Khana there, which were later set on fire by the Balawites.
Even in your outward life and after your departure from this world, the public. Scholars of right, nobles, masters of authority continue to visit your abode, among them a great spiritual personality known to the world as Rumi Kashmiri Arif.

According to another Sadri tradition, Tajdar Golla Fatih Qadian called Bishundur as Baghdad Sagheer and he used to say that Ghos Pak’s darling is resting here, who has a great wealth of twelve blessings and addresses given by him.

This Sadrid tradition of Hazrat Pir Syed Mehr Ali Shah, may Allah be pleased with him, has been frequently narrated by eminent scholars and eminent scholars.
With the passage of time, the names of countless villages, towns, and cities in the country of Pakistan named after non-Muslims were changed.

Keeping this trend in mind, the people of the area and the descendants of Dewan Huzuri started the movement to change the name of this village to Diwan Huzuri. The Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif issued orders to change the name of Bishundur Sharif to Dewan Huzuri under a decree and exactly two years later on May 1990 after the inauguration ceremony of Suhawa Tehsil Complex with the mediation of Raja Muhammad Khalid Khan. Members of St. Arakin National and Provincial Assembly and senior members of his cabinet specially attended to pay homage to Hazrat Dewan Huzuri and also announced a special grant for the welfare of the village.
We sincerely thank all the friends who have tried in this regard and we pray for them that Allah Almighty bestows the blessings of the Tufail Dareen of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, Amen.
Hazrat Dewan Huzuri

About 400 hundred years have passed since the veil was revealed from the outer world Devotees who want to conduct special events

And even today, your abode has subjugated the whole world with its spiritual rays, people from all over the world come to your sanctum sanctorum to get their share of blessings.
Your annual Urs holy 19/20/21 Shawwal-ul-Mukarram is celebrated with utmost respect. All over the world, apart from your children, your devoted devotees conduct various events.
In this regard, the dervish of Astana Aliya Hazrat Diwan Huzuri, the main Sajjada Nashin, Sahibzada Akhlaq Ahmad Shah, along with her brothers, Sahibzada Irfan Ahmad Shah, Shahzad Ahmad Shah, in addition to the holy Urs ceremonies, the eleventh month of Sharif, the annual Urs Khadim Ghos Monday. Apart from Abdul Majeed Shah Qadri, other Islamic festivals organize special programs.
In which scholars give a special address in the light of Quran and Hadith.
Every year in the United Kingdom, the main event of Urs is held in the Muslim Resource Center Country under the patronage of Sahibzada Irfan Ahmad Shah, which is held by the Ulemas. Scholars – People from different walks of life participate in large numbers.

The propagation of Islam, which was started 1400 years ago by Mustafa Kareem (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), was followed by the Caliphs, Companions, Martyrs of Islam, and the Saints and their descendants. May Allah keep the preaching of the religion of Islam until the morning of the Day of Resurrection, Amen.

The life conditions of Hazrat Diwan Huzoori have been presented in this article in a very concise and clear language so that it is easy for the friends to read and understand. In this regard, more research is also done from time to time, God willing.

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