Eid Prayers

The Eid Prayer is waajib (obligatory) according to the majority of scholars. The Prophet (PBUH) performed it consistently and commanded all the people to go out for it. Ash-Shawkaanee (r) said: “Note that the Prophet (PBUH) consistently performed this prayer on every Eid and never neglected it. He commanded the people to go out for it; he even commanded the free women, the virgins, and the menstruating women to go out, instructing the latter to refrain from praying, in order for all of them to witness this good and the Muslims’ supplications. He (PBUH) further commanded the woman who did not own a jilbaab (outer overall garment for women) to borrow her friend’s. (Bukhari,Muslim) Furthermore, it is confirmed that the Prophet (PBUH) performed it consistently in Jamaa`ah (congregation) from the time that it was legislated until he died. To this is added his command to people to go out for it.”( As-Sayl ul-Jarraar 1:315. See also Nayl ul-awtaar and ar-Rawat un-Nadiyyah)

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